Horizon Precision Drive and Airis Savage Drive

Horizon Precision Drive vs Airis Effects Savage Drive

This video is a demo of 3 pedals: Airis Effects Triple Overdrive, Airis Effects Savage Drive, and Horizon Precision Drive.

The goal of the demo is to show off #2 and #3 and how they can tighten low end into a driven high gain amp.  I personally prefer the Horizon over the other options, but depending on your need an how often you use it an inexpensive tube screamer will accomplish the same thing.  The big advantage to the Savage or the Horizon is more control in tightness or brightness.  Small details that make a huge difference as you dial in your own tones.

After listening to the recorded audio #1 and #2 for this use case sound much more similar in the recording than I feel they are in  the room.  The Savage Drive has way more gain that the Triple Overdrive, and there is simply a more modern sound.

I talk in the video at some length about the “considerations” when using the Precision Drive however for the use case I am showing I specifically like this pedal more.  That being said I don’t have the same gate closing issue with other pedals and the smart gate.  There is a trade off, and personally i wouldn’t use the Precision Drive for recording based on this.  For live use and in room sound it does win.


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