PRS SE Custom 24 – 7 String

Bareknuckle Nailbombs in PRS SE Custom 24 – 7

From the moment I heard these would become available and started to hit the streets I had mine ordered.  I ordered this right after Paul himself came to a local guitar store and demo’d through a bunch of his guitars, acoustics, and amps.

It was a great guitar as stock and instantly felt right in my hands, which I have struggled with other 7 strings.  I do not like super thin / sharp necks like what is typically on Ibanez or Jackson.  This just felt like an extension of my other PRS guitars.

After playing with it for a few months I felt the pickups left a bit to be desired, which is the same for any PRS SE that I have owned (Singlecut, One, Mushok Baritone, and Soapbar II).

Hopefully i will get some samples put together once I get back into recording mode.

Here are some pictures until then.

img_0089 img_0090 img_0091


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