Paul Reed Smith – Modern Eagle II – Red Tiger

The Story:

This is how the Modern Eagle II in Red Tiger came to be mine. While visiting my now in laws up in Connecticut I stumbled upon the Guitar Hanger which is a random guitar shop which is literally in some guy’s back yard.  I was looking to kill some time and found his place online and his website was (and may still be) straight out of 1999.  So I didn’t have much clue on what kind of stuff he had other than he was a PRS and Rain Song dealer… both guitars I wanted to play at the time.

Low and behold I walk in and he has 10 to 12 PRSs hanging on the wall but nothing that really called to me right away, but then I noticed this satin red guitar which appeared to have a darker neck than I am used to seeing.  That guitar was a PRS Modern Eagle II, it had been in his shop for quite some times as the ME Quatros and such had come and gone.  I plugged it in and was instantly draw to the rosewood neck, it was a bond at first touch.

At the time this was one of the only guitars with the 57/08 pickups and they were a huge selling point to this guitar for me.

The Sound

This guitar has been in C# Standard tuning for years.  My love for A Perfect Circle and the quality of this guitar has made this a “perfect” pairing.  The 57/08s remain clear even under a good amount of gain and the lowered tuning.  Volume roll off on the neck pickup especially cleans up even the most overdriven amp.

The rosewood neck and the satin feel is worth every penny.  If you have never played a guitar with a solid rosewood neck I highly recommend trying it.  I wouldn’t say its FAST, but thats more based on the wide fat neck carve, however it is very easy to move around on.  Tones are warm and don’t really have any of the snap you get with an ebony board, and personally I like that.  However its not for everyone.

The only change I have made to this some black hipshot knobs to show of my Mark Holcomb fanboy side.  And well, these are just the most useable knobs available.


Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best


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