Paul Reed Smith – Singlecut Hollowbody I – Artist Package

The One

If I had to pick a guitar and say this is my main guitar, THE ONE, I can only keep one of them this is IT.

The Story

Yes this is a long story that preceeds me even getting the guitar

This was my first “Core” PRS guitar, given to me as a Christmas gift from my then girlfriend, now wife (Sarah).  She knew I loved PRS guitars and at the time one of the original PRS SE Singlecut guitars was my main go to guitar.  Still wish I had kept that one. So she told me she wanted to buy me a guitar for Christmas, so she went with me to guitar center where I played a few Les Pauls, a used custom 24, and a few other various what I then considered high end guitars ($1000-$2000).  Mind you at the time I was pretty much broke, irresponsible with money, and well just young and dumb.  She left me for about an hour to just play with stuff and then just give her a report on what I liked, not going to buy anything she just wanted to know what was available and if I had preferences.

She came back and at the time the guitar I liked the best was a Gibson Slash Signature (which i think was used).  I was shopping by price.  My beloved however was not, so she asked what is your favorite guitar here.  So, I walked her over and showed her a PRS Hollowbody Spruce which was over in the Platinum section at guitar center.  It was in glass and at the time there was some Gibson guys in the glass room doing something.  After a minute or two of me talking to Sarah a sales rep came over and asked if I wanted to play it.  I of course said no, that I couldn’t afford it, I am not very good… yada yada yada.  Same excuses I use to this day when going to guitar stores.  Sarah quickly dismissed that and said “yes he would like to play it”.  So off we go into the glass room.  The sales dude sets me up with the PRS HB and plugs me into a Diezel.  I have never touched gear this nice in my life.  To make things more interesting the Gibson dudes I saw before are in there… and they are showcasing a real 59 Les Paul.  And these dudes are going to listen to me while i try out the damn guitars.

Long story short I am blown away buy the guitar, Sarah is blown away buy the guitar, and the Gibson guys were very kind to me about my playing.  We decide to think it over and get ready to leave.  The nice guys from Gibson say to me as I am leaving… we are getting ready to pack up to… since you are here, do you want to plug in this 59 and give it a run… just for fun.  I say no, Sarah says yes… and I spend the next 15 minutes playing a real 59 Les Paul.

However I knew walking out of there that the PRS stole he show.

The Guitar

So we get home and there is a very short guitar discussion about PRS and what I liked about it, and then she mentioned.  Your friend Kevin back in Colorado is a PRS dealer right… I said yes and told her what shop he worked at.

She made a few calls, the shop checked with PRS to see what they had… and this is what they came up with.

Singlecut Hollowbody - Anthony Best

2006 Singlecut Hollowbody, Artist Package, with Piezo Electronics

This was a dream come true.  This is the first guitar I reach for and the one that takes all the pain away with a single strum.  The vintage natural finish excused vibe and old school feel with all the playability of a brand new instrument.  With nearly every guitar I have i will take the gloss off the back of the neck using a scotch brite pad, but I can’t bring myself to do that with this guitar.  I keep here strung with 11-49 (or 52) strings and it still plays super slinky at 25 inch scale.  It does have 245 pickups in it and I can’t imagine ever swapping them out.  There is nothing overly special about the pickups, they just work perfect with the air from the hollow body, and the mix with the piezo.

More Pictures

Singlecut HB, PRS, Average Guitarist, Anthony Best Singlecut HB, PRS, Average Guitarist, Anthony Best Singlecut HB, PRS, Average Guitarist, Anthony Best Singlecut HB, PRS, Average Guitarist, Anthony Best



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  1. Congratulations, the quality of your PRS is exceeded only by the quality of your wife.

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