Paul Reed Smith – SE Mike Mushok – Limited Spalted Maple

The Story:

This PRS SE Mike Mushok baritone came to me via a deal in one of my many Facebook deal groups.  I have had a few Mike Mushok baritoness before this one but always found something I wanted more and have sold or traded them away.  When I saw this one though I knew it was time for me to get another one.  This is a 1 out of 25 of a limited run with a spalted maple finish / veneer top.  The first time I saw this finish it was on a UK only run of PRS SE 7 string guitars and I was so upset that I couldn’t get my hands on one.  I was not about to let that happen again.

The Sound:

One major selling point about this guitar to me was the previous owner had equipped the guitar with USA PRS Phase 2 locking tuners.  These are what comes on the PRS “Core” guitars and I am a huge fan.  They are twice, if not more, as expensive as a set of standard locking tuners I usually get from Hipshot, but they are just pure PRS vibe and they just work.

The stock pickups (like most of the PRS SE guitars) are the downfall of the instrument.  They aren’t bad, they are just boring, and specifically for the Mushok they lack clarity.  I have the guitar tuned to drop Ab which holds beautifully on the 27.7 in scale.  The ebony fretboard which is unusual for a PRS guitar does ad some brightness and snap which is needed when you are tuning this low.  After playing the guitar for a week or so I knew I needed to change the pickups and that I wanted to keep the full PRS style of the instrument and worked out a deal with a member of one of my Facebook PRS groups to acquire a set of USA PRS “Metal” pickups.  They are very hot but can be tamed with the tone and volume controls.  They were the final touch that make this the instrument it really should be.  The locking tuners added stability and the pickups then made this guitar sing and bite.  While the guitar was having the pickups installed I also added a core PRS nut to the guitar which simply helped with the tuning specifically for big bends on the low Ab.

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