Mayones – Setius GTM 7

The Story

A few weeks ago I hit a bit of a wall with my playing and everything I was playing was sounding the same. I realized I had gotten in a rut with all my PRS gear. They are still my favorite instruments but they are very similar especially the models that I have. The pickups are all their very similar 57/08, 59/09, and 53/10. All 3 of those guitars are Mahogany body, maple top, and rosewood necks. No shock that they were very similar.

Well I was unloading my Friedman Runt 20 to go full in on Axe Fx and was offered a trade for a Mayones GTM 7. I had given up on 7 strings, but I really wanted to try Mayones so I decided to give it a run. Well I fell in love with it the moment I got my hands on it.

The Sound

It is a complete breath of fresh air. The Seymour Duncan Sentient and Pegasus pickups brought the modern tight tone I had been searching for almost instantly. The neck is extremely comfortable even with the slightly wider neck of a 7 string I find it very easy to play. The satin finish on the body sets this off perfectly and reminds me of my Modern Eagle II.

I won’t go as far as to say the build quality is just as good as a PRS, but its such a different instrument that its honestly hard to compare.  Mayones right now is without a doubt my second favorite brand right now.  I have been really impressed with how these feel, and the Sentient and Pegasus is now my go to pickup set.  I do prefer the Alpha & Omega set, but these are very close and found a few sets much less expensive.




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