Fender Stratocaster – American Designer Series – Silver Sparkle

The Story:

Well I am going to start the Countdown to California. I am reminded of when I was making the move from Colorado out to the SF Bay area right after graduating from college. While this feels entirely different this time, as 10+ years has a way of changing things. I am nonetheless exciting to be going “Home”.
We still don’t have firm dates yet but the plan is back in the bay starting the week of July the 10th.
One of the joys of moving back will be getting half our stuff back which has been in storage for the 2 years we’ve been out east. The downside will be we get half our stuff back. There are lots of “things” i am excited to get back including several of my guitars, but the filp side will be getting boxes and boxes of clothes and other random items I haven’t even thought of since we moved.
So today I am going to focus on the positive and share the one guitar I am most excited to get back.
This is a 1 of 100 Fender Stratocaster which I fell in love with when Kevin got his way back in the day. I drooled over it for years until I was able to track one of my own down. Its a USA “Designer Series” in silver sparkle, which today still simply be my favorite color.
I sent the guitar to Kevin a few years back and had him recarve the neck for me to a nice soft V shape and he upgraded the pots, and put on a new trem.
Everyone needs at least one Strat in their life, and this is my favorite of the 3 I own.  First thing to do in the new studio will be to take some new photos of this one.


Anthony Best - Sparkle Strat 


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