Guitar Setup / Rig 2017

I need to do a big of a write up on each of these items, but in the meantime here are some pictures of the gear I am rocking in 2017.  I will be getting some guitars out of storage in July and can’t wait to have them back with me.

Here is the Gear List

Amp: Friedman Runt 20

Cab: Panama 2×12 Tonewood Cab

Pedal Board: 

  • MXR CAD Buffer
  • Earnie Ball VP JR
  • MXR CAD Wah
  • Stone Deaf PDF-2
  • Earthquaker Devices Cloven Hoof
  • J. Rocket Archer Boost
  • MXR Smart Gate


  • ProTone Haunted Delay
  • Strymon Timeline Delay
  • Strymon Big Sky Reverb


  • PRS SE Angelus Custom
  • PRS SE Custom 24 7 String
  • PRS McCarty Soapbar
  • PRS Singlecut Trem
  • PRS Singlecut Hollowbody I – Artist
  • PRS Private Stock P22
  • PRS Modern Eagle II



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