The Story A few weeks ago I hit a bit of a wall with my playing and everything I was playing was sounding the same. I realized I had gotten in a rut with all my PRS gear. They are still my favorite instruments but they are very similar especially the models that I, Read More

Anthony Best - Sparkle Strat

The Story: Well I am going to start the Countdown to California. I am reminded of when I was making the move from Colorado out to the SF Bay area right after graduating from college. While this feels entirely different this time, as 10+ years has a way of changing things. I am nonetheless, Read More

Paul Reed Smith – SE Mike Mushok – Limited Spalted Maple

The Story: The PRS McCarty Soapbar especially in this Gold Top finish is a guitar I swear I saw in damn near every issue of Guitar World when I first started playing with guitar.  The look, the vibe, everything about this screams vintage and class.  I picked this up off of in what I, Read More

PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best

The Story: This is my 2007 PRS Singlecut Trem which was an awesome find on  Price was marked down to a few nicks and bumps on the edges and it happened to just sit in the store to long.  Dealer then accidentally added it to one of their 15% off sales, and we jumped, Read More

Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best

The Story: This is how the Modern Eagle II in Red Tiger came to be mine. While visiting my now in laws up in Connecticut I stumbled upon the Guitar Hanger which is a random guitar shop which is literally in some guy’s back yard.  I was looking to kill some time and found, Read More

Paul Reed Smith - P22 - Private Stock - Anthony Best

PRS Private Stock P22 – The guitar to end all other guitars

Guitar Setup / Rig 2017 1

While I need to do a write up on each of these items, in the meantime here are some pictures of the gear I am rocking in 2017.

PRS SE Custom 24 - 7 String 4

PRS SE Custom 24 – 7 String:

Bareknuckle Nailbomb Burn Chrome