Paul Reed Smith – Singlecut Trem – Violin Amber

The Story:

This is my 2007 PRS Singlecut Trem which was an awesome find on  Price was marked down to a few nicks and bumps on the edges and it happened to just sit in the store to long.  Dealer then accidentally added it to one of their 15% off sales, and we jumped all over it.  Picked this up for just over $1000 bucks with hard case and case candy shipped to my door. This is dated a 2007 model by the hangtag but aligns more the 2006 Singlecut specs as shortly after they discontinued the Singlecut Trem model and offered the trem on the Tremonti models which features the standard 2×2 volume and tone configurations.  The finish is Violin Amber Burst.  It brightens up quite a bit in the sunlight, and even without a binding or any fancy top options she looks great hanging on the wall.

The Sound:

Well straight out of the case this guitar played great which is what I expect from every single PRS guitar from the SE line to their Private Stocks.  But the glossy neck had to go.  I use a green scotch brite pad to remove JUST the gloss.  Go slow and tape off the neck but this is simply a must for me.  Satin neck or die (except for my beloved hollow body, can’t bring myself to do it to that guitar.

The guitar came equipped with the PRS #6 pickups which just are boring.  There is not a damn thing wrong with them as a whole and they blend well with the guitar, but its boring.  The pickups needed to be replaced and as A Perfect Circle has what I deem to be the best tone for straight up hard rock, I did some research and found out he is using Tom Anderson H3+ bridge and H1- in the neck.  He has spoken in several interviews about this setup, and even has James Iha using the same configuration.  Thats what I have swapped into this and it has made a world of difference.  The bridge is very high gain and bright, but has a very raw quality to it that I really appreciate.  It is not refined, but its not sludgy or brittle like many “metal” pickups.

A few other upgrades to my Singlecut Trem have all been cosmetic, rosewood tuner buttons, pickup rings,  switch tip and PRS bird knobs all from Tone Ninja.  The final piece was the addition of the Storm Trooper truss rod cover.  I love star wars and found this one online and had to have it.

2006 PRS Singlecut Trem

PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best


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