Anthony Best | Mayones - Setius GTM 7 13

The Story A few weeks ago I hit a bit of a wall with my playing and everything I was playing was sounding the same. I realized I had gotten in a rut with all my PRS gear. They are still my favorite instruments but they are very similar especially the models that I, Read More

Anthony Best | Fender Stratocaster - American Designer Series - Silver Sparkle 8

The Story: Well I am going to start the Countdown to California. I am reminded of when I was making the move from Colorado out to the SF Bay area right after graduating from college. While this feels entirely different this time, as 10+ years has a way of changing things. I am nonetheless, Read More

Episode 1: Bad Guitar Player, Good Demos – Airis Savage Drive vs Horizon Precision Drive. Tighten up your high gain amp and get chunky!