Paul Reed Smith – SE Mike Mushok – Limited Spalted Maple

The Story: The PRS McCarty Soapbar especially in this Gold Top finish is a guitar I swear I saw in damn near every issue of Guitar World when I first started playing with guitar.  The look, the vibe, everything about this screams vintage and class.  I picked this up off of in what I, Read More

PRS Singlecut Trem - Anthony Best

The Story: This is my 2007 PRS Singlecut Trem which was an awesome find on  This is dated a 2007 model by the hangtag but aligns more the 2006 Singlecut specs as shortly after they discontinued the Singlecut Trem model and offered the trem on the Tremonti models which features the standard 2×2 volume and, Read More

Modern Eagle II - Anthony Best

The Story: This is how the Modern Eagle II in Red Tiger came to be mine. While visiting my now in laws up in Connecticut I stumbled upon the Guitar Hanger which is a random guitar shop which is literally in some guy’s back yard.  I was looking to kill some time and found, Read More

Singlecut Hollowbody - Anthony Best

PRS Singlecut Hollowbody – THE ONE

Paul Reed Smith - P22 - Private Stock - Anthony Best

PRS Private Stock P22 – The guitar to end all other guitars

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